New iTunes Gift Card -2023

What is iTunes gift cards used for?

On an Android gadget, you can utilize your present card to purchase an Apple Music membership. To make buys from the Application Store, Apple Books, or the Apple television application, utilize an Apple gadget

Can I buy an iTunes gift card?

Purchase a present card
Beneficiaries can utilize paid ahead of time Application Store and iTunes Present Cards toward the acquisition of anything in the iTunes Store (except if you limit admittance to things with a Parental Warning Name). See the Apple Gift voucher site.

How many countries use iTunes card?

The iTunes Store is accessible in 119 nations and is the most effective way for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, Mac® and PC clients to lawfully find, buy and download music on the web.

What is the price of iTunes card?

At present, the USA iTunes actual gift card($101-$299)is at the pace of 220 on our foundation and reaches from N22,280 to N65,780 while the USA iTunes E-code card($101-$500) is at the pace of 210 and goes from N21,210 to N105,000.

Is iTunes card money?

iTunes card is a vendor gift voucher where assets on card are utilized to pay for iTunes items.

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